Baby Atkins as told by Leeanne

Sunday, July 8 - Our Journey


Our story starts 2 years ago, when we first married.  Immediately, we knew we wanted a child together.  Our journey was met initially with a tubal pregnancy and loss of a fallopian tube.  Since then we had a few miscarriages.  Concerned with why it wasn’t working out I began researching and had many doctor visits.  Ultimately, we decided to go with a natural doctor for fertility and we became pregnant quickly and I made a visit with my OB.  I am not sick and do not want to be treated as if I am.  This reality led me to research for a midwife.  Andie was the first midwife I met and she came to my house.  She answered all my questions and did not look at her watch nor act as if time was pressing.  She was and has been patient with me and made herself available to me if I have any concerns.  At 14 weeks I met with Jaelin and Andie for my first official appointment, and I again probably asked the same questions and again, they answered them as if it was the first time, we were able to listen to our baby’s heartbeat and with 4 children in tow, they made it feel so natural and peaceful.  The excitement of hearing our baby’s heartbeat in a caring and supportive environment for the first time is a treasured memory for us all.  As the journey continues I love that if I have concerns, questions or ideas, I do not have to wait for an appointment, as they have made themselves available to us!  That fact alone is beyond amazing.  This professional relationship feels so personal as well.  I am blessed to be moving forward in my pregnancy with Andie and Jaelin as I feel like I definitely have a team with me at all times!  


The rewards of having a midwife far outweigh my initial expectations.  I am 100% thrilled that I have chosen this route and now that I am in my 3rd trimester, I am reaping the rewards.  Initially, my husband and mother were hesitant on the whole midwife and home birth plan with legitimate concerns.   I shared my family’s concerns with Jaelin and she suggested I bring them with me to one of my appointments.  They each attended a separate appointment with me.  During each visit Jaelin had included them in the conversation, asked them about their concerns and addressed each issue head on.  She is confident and she backed my choices greatly! The whole experience so far is much more exciting than a traditional doctor’s route.  The midwife is part of our team.  She is a co-leader and guides this journey safely as we approach the birth day.  The sense of community is further enhanced by belonging to a social group of like-minded women experiencing pregnancy at the same time and on the same journey with our midwife. I take comfort in knowing that my house is safer, cleaner, more relaxed and comfortable than a hospital ever would be.  I can choose to have many or only a few visitors on the day of birth!   No anxiety of when I need to rush to the hospital as I am already where I need to be!  No pressure for how long labor might be and no plans to force intervention if it is not going according to “hospital rules”.   Safety of baby and mother seem to be more important than “traditional or facility rules”. Currently, I enjoy texting my midwife with a question or random thought and she replies.  I am enjoying the relaxed atmosphere that surrounds me at my appointments with the midwife!  I love that she has already presented me with the box of necessities to have at home for my delivery day!  We are well prepared for the most rewarding event…Life!  


My At Home Birth Journey

On November 6, 2018 at 4:40 am my water broke.  Tiny bit of blood at 6:00 am.  No pain.  

I updated Jaelin and Andie with the events so far. I advised nothing crazy was going on and felt good enough to continue on with my plans for the morning (a little shopping, chiropractor appointment and  attending my great-Aunts funeral).

I took a wonderful shower thinking this maybe my last shower pregnant, and got ready for the day, I fixed my hair and put on make up.  Our dog Bella cried at the door for me to let her in, which was strange because she never does that especially this early in the morning, I let her in and she went and laid in my closet by the bench and attentively stared at me. My husband, Cory woke up and he was talking all about his plans to golf for the day. I let him finish them told him my water broke this morning. He looked like he was going to  panic, but I told him everything is going well. I advised him that the water was very clear, and that the baby and I are doing well.  I encouraged him to go play golf, I plan to attend my great-Aunts funeral and then I plan to go to Target, my chiropractor and Whole Foods. We agreed that we would meet back at home this afternoon.  We joked and said ok no baby until after 2:00 p.m.

I realized that I would need to re-evaluate my plans for the day.   I decided that I needed the chiropractor and that I wouldn’t make it to my Aunt’s funeral as I was so scared to have the unknown happen at a funeral.  Jaelin gave me a strong suggestion to stay near my house.  I agreed and went on with my local errands.  Shopping at Target was awesome!  I was looking for a family matching stocking holder for our new baby, Adam. A lovely lady there saw my excitement when I found the stocking holder I told her how happy I was to find it since my water broke this morning!   I told her that I wasn’t quite ready to have my baby yet,  I needed a few more things! She was in such awe that I was so content and out and about after my water broke. 

I started having a little bit more noticeable cramping.  These little cramps (not too bad) were timed as follows:


At target 






I got to the chiropractor’s office and waited for what seemed like forever; because I had plans to finish my shopping and to do list.  I ended up waiting about 20 min for my chiropractor appointment.  I had a great adjustment!  Baby Adam seriously dropped into position and I had to end the adjustment early in fear of having a baby at the chiropractor office.   My cramps continued as follows:




I then went to Whole Foods so I could finish up my to do list.  I wanted to get a cake to celebrate the birth of Adam.  I picked out a beautiful mini cake and got lots of cookies!I started having some noticeable surges but no pain.  I decided to skip out on anymore shopping and got in the car.




9:53 I had the bloody mucus plug.  



Cramps continue as I am heading home.














I called Jaelin and gave her my status update.  She said she would meet me at my house, I said no rush ♥️  and I called Cory and told him that he should probably head home because the  midwives are coming over, no rush.




Finished up my last errand, at Starbucks and got my older twin boys drinks and cake pops!

11:05 Arrived back at home!

11:15 Jaelin arrived.  She was in such a rush she forgot her laptop and her sweet husband brought it immediately. She listened to Adam and felt my tummy and said I was having some contractions, I said I couldn’t really feel anything, except some tightness.  We started timing the tightness. Then we put the groceries away and headed to my room so we could get things in order.  I started the Romba to vacuum and we went through my birth box, changed the sheets on the bed and listened to baby’s heart again. Andie arrived and we all hung out, lauging and talking. At 11:45ish the wonderful Guendy our photographer and Jackie our nurse (which I was so excited to be her first home birth) arrived. Soon things weren’t SO funny and I was ridiculously uncomfortable in the clothes I was wearing (yoga pants) so I went to my closet to change into some very comfortable shorts, but I couldn’t find them!

I kept looking in different drawers over and over then a surge hit me and I leaned on a bench in the closet then a stronger one came and It took me to my knees, I looked up at my husband Cory and said “I’m not doing this again” (I meant having another contraction like that without having a baby) but he had no clue and was very worried as he was the only one in the closet with me at that moment! The next few surges were strong but not crazy just lots of pressure, I never found my shorts and never got up off my knees in that closet. The birth team joined us and prepared the space beneath me for the birth (to save the carpet).


At this point I’m still wearing non maternity yoga pants but on my knees in the closet! The midwives helped me get ready for the birth and asked me if I would like them to set up the birth pool (which I planned on using).  I’m not exactly sure what I said to her but I knew I couldn’t move or get up. Just then I started sweating like someone had poured water on the top of my head, as a very powerful surge started.  Jaelin asked Cory if he would like to catch his baby, he hesitated so I spoke up and said “ I want to” she said if you reach down you can feel your baby’s head, I did! It gave me amazing strength and out he came into my hands. @12:12

What an amazing feeling over my whole body I felt so powerful, beautiful, strong, confident. I looked at my baby and checked to make sure, he was a boy! Indeed he was! I stood up with him and went and got in bed. Delivered the after birth, waited for the cord to turn white and quit pulsing then Cory cut the cord. Andie had a herbal bath waiting for me to soak in while they checked vitals on Adam, he was perfect 21.75 inches long 7.4 lbs head full of hair alert and loud! Cory stayed with him then brought him to join me in the herbal bath. Back in bed we went close family was here waiting to meet Adam all came in we had lunch and snuggles. I felt so good I couldn’t sleep or rest much yet but did stay in bed in awe of what had just happened. 


I couldn’t of wished for a better outcome. I am beyond blessed to of had this birth team and family close by. I could never accurately put in to words how much Jaelin and Andie mean to me, how close this has brought me and my husband, and how much I appreciate all the love and caring support I received during my pregnancy during birth and after. Almost makes me want to have another baby just to be cared for by these amazing ladies again, but 5 kids is a hand full ... for now.