Baby Atkins as told by Leeanne

Sunday, July 8 - Our Journey


Our story starts 2 years ago, when we first married.  Immediately, we knew we wanted a child together.  Our journey was met initially with a tubal pregnancy and loss of a fallopian tube.  Since then we had a few miscarriages.  Concerned with why it wasn’t working out I began researching and had many doctor visits.  Ultimately, we decided to go with a natural doctor for fertility and we became pregnant quickly and I made a visit with my OB.  I am not sick and do not want to be treated as if I am.  This reality led me to research for a midwife.  Andie was the first midwife I met and she came to my house.  She answered all my questions and did not look at her watch nor act as if time was pressing.  She was and has been patient with me and made herself available to me if I have any concerns.  At 14 weeks I met with Jaelin and Andie for my first official appointment, and I again probably asked the same questions and again, they answered them as if it was the first time, we were able to listen to our baby’s heartbeat and with 4 children in tow, they made it feel so natural and peaceful.  The excitement of hearing our baby’s heartbeat in a caring and supportive environment for the first time is a treasured memory for us all.  As the journey continues I love that if I have concerns, questions or ideas, I do not have to wait for an appointment, as they have made themselves available to us!  That fact alone is beyond amazing.  This professional relationship feels so personal as well.  I am blessed to be moving forward in my pregnancy with Andie and Jaelin as I feel like I definitely have a team with me at all times!  


The rewards of having a midwife far outweigh my initial expectations.  I am 100% thrilled that I have chosen this route and now that I am in my 3rd trimester, I am reaping the rewards.  Initially, my husband and mother were hesitant on the whole midwife and home birth plan with legitimate concerns.   I shared my family’s concerns with Jaelin and she suggested I bring them with me to one of my appointments.  They each attended a separate appointment with me.  During each visit Jaelin had included them in the conversation, asked them about their concerns and addressed each issue head on.  She is confident and she backed my choices greatly! The whole experience so far is much more exciting than a traditional doctor’s route.  The midwife is part of our team.  She is a co-leader and guides this journey safely as we approach the birth day.  The sense of community is further enhanced by belonging to a social group of like-minded women experiencing pregnancy at the same time and on the same journey with our midwife. I take comfort in knowing that my house is safer, cleaner, more relaxed and comfortable than a hospital ever would be.  I can choose to have many or only a few visitors on the day of birth!   No anxiety of when I need to rush to the hospital as I am already where I need to be!  No pressure for how long labor might be and no plans to force intervention if it is not going according to “hospital rules”.   Safety of baby and mother seem to be more important than “traditional or facility rules”. Currently, I enjoy texting my midwife with a question or random thought and she replies.  I am enjoying the relaxed atmosphere that surrounds me at my appointments with the midwife!  I love that she has already presented me with the box of necessities to have at home for my delivery day!  We are well prepared for the most rewarding event…Life!