Baby Mouton as told by Melissa

Wednesday, June 6 - feeling amazing


For the first time in a long time I woke up this morning feeling amazing!! It was the first day of my vacation and I felt it would be a good vacation from morning sickness, but that only lasted that morning, unfortunately. The great news is that this sickness is aiding a healthy baby. I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Between 160-170 bpm! For some reason I couldn’t stop laughing, so it did take a little while for Jaelin to get the heart beat without hearing loud static in her ears (sorry). This appointment Jaelin kept my son entertained with the movie Cars while we discussed diet and preparing mentally to get past my previous childbirth experience. I’m excited to grow my little pea!

Friday, July 6 - sister love

My sister accompanied me this visit. I met Jaelin during my sister’s birth so they were able to spend sometime catching up and getting some time remembering the birth of my niece. This visit followed my gender reveal thrown by my sister. Apparently it’s another boy! I was hoping for a girl but I’ll find out at my ultrasound soon if the results from the sneak peek test were actually correct. Fingers crossed! We went over my diet log today and talked about where I can make improvements. The great news is that, at the first appointment, I was very worried about gaining too much weight during my pregnancy and that has not been as issue at all! We heard the baby’s heart rate again and this time it was in the 150s. Perfect pace! Jaelin was able to feel that he (maybe she)  is growing perfectly! I got bogged down with life and work and forgot to spend time reading so I got a gentle reminder to prepare mine, and my husband’s mind for this birth. Since my last visit my appetite has slightly increased as well as the morning (really all day -_-) sickness. I’m already excited for the next visit. This pregnancy is moving so quickly! 


I have heard a lot about postpartum depression and it’s affects but I never heard about antepartum depression. For the last few weeks I’ve been dealing with depression during pregnancy. Jaelin and Andie have been there to support and validate me and my appointments have been a type of therapy as they focus on my whole health and my family. I couldn’t imagine having anyone other than this loving pair! Handling the struggles through pregnancy is a lot easier with a team at your side. I decided to start doing acupuncture as a way to manage, though I’m deathly afraid of needles. It’s been interesting and a fun experience. I’m very excited to see what the results will be! Andie and Jaelin suggested supplements and mediation. I started this yesterday so I’m excited to see the results from this as well. Meditation is a tool I will likely keep because It felt great to sit and calm my mind for a while. Through the struggles I am learning that I can still enjoy this journey. My baby is healthy and I am healthy. Sometimes, as moms, we can carry so much guilt that we forget our success. I’m taking time daily to remember what an amazing pregnancy and birth team that I have, how excited I am to give birth with the team I need, and how happy I am to welcome my beautiful boy into such a loving circle. 


We’re into the third trimester now!! Thank goodness! It’s been a rough road but I’ve only got a little over two months left. Through some of my symptoms we targeted that I have gestational diabetes (insert self pity here ;). It seems so much more difficult to eat a strict diet while pregnant. Each day is a struggle but I’m so glad I have the option to do this naturally. Everyday I’m trying to stay focus on my goal for my pregnancy, on the results I desire from this birth, and on the health of my child. Once my diet stabilizes I’m hoping I’ll have the energy I desire! One amazing thing is that my mood is stabilizing! It’s only about once every few weeks that I’m having difficulty- those are the days I’ll send a flood of texts to my birth team. Their encouragement and understanding helps me refocus. My husband, bless him, has been so understanding and is always there for me to cry on. He’s very excited about this birth and the fact that we have such a knowledgeable and caring team. I’m still so overwhelming happy that this MY team!! December here we come!!