Baby Juneau as told by Tayler



This is the day Rodney and I found out that we were having our first child. This day was also Rodney’s 28th birthday. It sure was such a blessed day 😊 We had been trying for about a year to get pregnant, but the Father had the perfect timing already figured out. We prayed, were patient, and trusted Yah to open the womb when he knew we were ready. He told Rodney 2 times that day that a baby was on the way. When I got home from work, the pregnancy test just confirmed what the Father had already told Rod. Rod’s reaction was priceless too! It was a reaction that I will never forget. We both cried and then he said, “I need to put some pants on so we can go tell everyone!” Lol. And we did just that.

Before we even started trying to get pregnant, we knew that we wanted an all-natural home birth. Birth is such a beautiful and natural process, and hospitals tend to cause more complications that necessary. They intervene into the process far too much, forcing women into labor before their bodies are ready, giving them copious amounts of unnecessary drugs, and in turn increasing the c-section rate from 5% to 33%. No thank you. God gave us the pain of child birth as a curse, and I want to experience that curse in all its glory. This birth will be the biggest spiritual test of my life so far, and I am so ready to experience that 😊  


This was the first day that we met our wonderful midwives, Jaelin and Andie. I had stayed home from work this whole week due to severe morning sickness (which actually lasted all day lol). I was thrilled that I was feeling well enough for us to interview our first potential midwives! We planned on interviewing multiple midwives before making a final decision, but Rod and I knew right away that Jaelin & Andie were the PERFECT fit. They strongly believe in the parent’s freedom of choice, they were curious about our beliefs, and their reasons for becoming midwives helped us feel so comfortable and connected to them. After we left this meeting, Rod and I just looked at each other, smiled, and agreed that no more interviewing needed to be done. What an amazing feeling that was 😊

Later this evening I began feeling very faint, dizzy, and realized that I was dealing with low blood pressure.


This day was our first appointment with Andie and Jaelin. Not only do I look forward to seeing them, but getting some time away from work is nice as well. Plus, I get to eat at Herb & Beet so appointment days are just my favorite! My belly was still not showing at this point, but we were able to find the heartbeat: which was probably the most amazing sound I have ever heard in my life! The heartbeat came in at 170bpm. As soon as we heard it, I couldn’t help but bawl my eyes out. Rod cried too, of course! The reminder that there is, in fact, life inside of my body was the most amazing feeling. I praise God everyday for allowing me the chance to carry this amazing life inside my womb. I know the Father has big plans for this little life!

At this point I am still dealing with some morning sickness and bouts of low blood pressure.


Work has been difficult for me to get through. I feel like I am not getting enough done at work, and then when I go home I don’t get anything done at home. Rod has been making sure the house stays clean and he also cooks dinner for the most part. I feel like a bump on a log, but I am so thankful for him. He takes such good care of me and doesn’t even bat an eye when I ask him for a favor. He loves talking to the baby multiple times a day and reads to me almost every day: Scripture, of course, and Spiritual Midwifery have been on our reading list as of lately.

Every day I am just reminded of how amazing my husband is and how wonderful of a father he will be <3


Today was my second appointment with the midwives. I met with Andie at Jaelin’s house as Jaelin was getting ready to leave the country on vacation. Go Jaelin!! I felt a little nausea earlier in the week, but other than that this week has been a pretty decent week! I am finally starting to feel a little bit human again. AND MY BELLY IS GROWING!! The appointment went super well, and I was again reminded about how thankful I am to have midwives that don’t pressure me into doing anything I am not comfortable with. There are so many choices that are to be made, and I am not pressured into making any of them one way or the other. It is an amazing feeling Today the baby’s heartbeat was a beautiful 150bpm.


We have been camping this week for the Feast of Tabernacles and I have felt AMAZING. I hiked a mountain, have been super active, and have only had to sit down due to exhaustion once (not including during the hike up the mountain lol). I am so thankful that I have not had any nausea throughout the week, and I have been fed VERY well 😊 This week has just been wonderful. I have overcome both spiritual and physical obstacles, and everyone has been talking to and praying for the baby. Once this baby gets here, he/she is going to have so many people that love them immensely. I couldn’t be more thankful for this family of people that God has put into mine and Rod’s life <3

OH! And my belly is getting HUGE!! Right now we are at 17 weeks.