Our Families Words

Natalie K. 

 You will not find a more loving and knowledgeable partner for your birth! Andie helped my husband and I bring both of our girls into the world. She guided me through my fears and was the encouragement I needed when I was unsure. I have two incredible birth stories because of her! God has placed a special calling on her life and she is fulfilling it boldly. I am so honored she will be forever a part of my birth stories!

Jillian P. 

When I think of the ideal midwife, as a doctor myself, I envision Andie for many reasons. Her evidence based mindset best guides families in decisions that both matches the families' preferences and what is best for the babies. She healthily balances professionalism with tender care and continual encouragement.  Her passion is unmatched and experience is undoubtedly stellar. 

Shanna W. 

Andie brought such a calming atmosphere into my home for the delivery of my 4th baby. She encouraged me through the fast and intense contractions, knew our wishes for a water birth and made sure my husband was able to catch our baby as he was born! I felt safe and loved throughout the whole process! I couldn't recommend these two women more for your care!

The midwifery care my family received was full of support and nurturing.  I was fed important information that guided me to make the best decisions for myself and for my baby.  My time spent with her was priceless.  My labor and birth were calm and held in the exact environment I hoped for my baby.  I can't imagine doing birth without her. She cares for the whole family.  She spoke to each and every concern/question thoroughly and with validation.  She is knowledgable, fun loving, and nurturing.  Her support empowered me as a woman and as a mother.  Her effect will echo in my life and the life of my child. 

Janielle D.

Andie is such a phenomenal and wonderful midwife. I was lucky enough to have her as my midwife throughout my pregnancy.  Her calm cool sweet nature always put me at ease. She is sweet, caring, compassionate, and loving.

Madison N. 

Kyleigh A. 

I did what I wanted, for my birth experience without any pressure to do something else. And I believe that’s what every mom should have the right to.  Not only were my decisions respected and supported by my midwives, I felt incredibly empowered, loved and believed in. They encouraged me at hour 24 when I wanted to completely give up. They were everything I needed and way more. I can’t thank you enough Andie Wyrick and Jaelin Stickles for who you are and what you do. Zac and I could not be happier with our decision. If anyone out there is remotely considering birthing outside a hospital, I HIGHLY encourage you to meet my midwives. They will blow you away

Alicia C. 

My little Holistic Heritage Homebirth Angel. Phoebe’s birth was everything a birth should be, calm, powerful, magical, amazing, full of love and support. Thank you Jaelin Stickels and Andie Wyrick for being exactly what we needed in every moment. I’ll never forget Jaelin’s calming voice saying “you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to in this moment” and “we’re gonna have a baby soon.” You said that during Simon’s birth too and it gave me so much peace. I’ll always remember looking up and seeing Andie lovingly holding Simon so he could see his little sister, and he was so calm with you. Thank you for giving us such precious moments.

I've had two births with Jaelin Stickels and absolutely love her and the experiences I had with her at both of my boys' births. She made me feel so comfortable, safe and STRONG! Any fears I may have had about natural birth were washed away as I grew a relationship with her during my pregnancies and after. 

Melissa S.